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catalog::SqlLookupInode Class Reference

#include <catalog_sql.h>

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Public Member Functions

 SqlLookupInode (const CatalogDatabase &database)
bool BindRowId (const uint64_t inode)
- Public Member Functions inherited from catalog::SqlLookup
DirectoryEntry GetDirent (const Catalog *catalog, const bool expand_symlink=true) const
shash::Md5 GetPathHash () const
shash::Md5 GetParentPathHash () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from catalog::SqlCatalog
 SqlCatalog (const CatalogDatabase &database, const std::string &statement)
shash::Md5 RetrieveMd5 (const int idx_high, const int idx_low) const
shash::Any RetrieveHashBlob (const int idx_column, const shash::Algorithms hash_algo, const char hash_suffix=shash::kSuffixNone) const
shash::Any RetrieveHashHex (const int idx_column, const char hash_suffix=shash::kSuffixNone) const
bool BindMd5 (const int idx_high, const int idx_low, const shash::Md5 &hash)
bool BindHashBlob (const int idx_column, const shash::Any &hash)
- Public Member Functions inherited from sqlite::Sql
 Sql (sqlite3 *sqlite_db, const std::string &statement)
virtual ~Sql ()
bool Execute ()
bool FetchRow ()
std::string DebugResultTable ()
bool Reset ()
int GetLastError () const
std::string GetLastErrorMsg () const
bool BindBlob (const int index, const void *value, const unsigned size)
bool BindBlobTransient (const int index, const void *value, const unsigned size)
bool BindDouble (const int index, const double value)
bool BindInt (const int index, const int value)
bool BindInt64 (const int index, const sqlite3_int64 value)
bool BindNull (const int index)
bool BindTextTransient (const int index, const std::string &value)
bool BindTextTransient (const int index, const char *value, const int size)
bool BindText (const int index, const std::string &value)
bool BindText (const int index, const char *value, const int size, void(*dtor)(void *)=SQLITE_STATIC)
template<typename T >
bool Bind (const int index, const T &value)
int RetrieveType (const int idx_column) const
int RetrieveBytes (const int idx_column) const
const void * RetrieveBlob (const int idx_column) const
double RetrieveDouble (const int idx_column) const
int RetrieveInt (const int idx_column) const
sqlite3_int64 RetrieveInt64 (const int idx_column) const
const unsigned char * RetrieveText (const int idx_column) const
std::string RetrieveString (const int idx_column) const
template<typename T >
Retrieve (const int index)
bool Bind (const int index, const int &value)
bool Bind (const int index, const unsigned int &value)
bool Bind (const int index, const uint64_t &value)
bool Bind (const int index, const sqlite3_int64 &value)
bool Bind (const int index, const std::string &value)
bool Bind (const int index, const float &value)
bool Bind (const int index, const double &value)
int Retrieve (const int index)
bool Retrieve (const int index)
sqlite3_int64 Retrieve (const int index)
uint64_t Retrieve (const int index)
std::string Retrieve (const int index)
float Retrieve (const int index)
double Retrieve (const int index)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from catalog::SqlDirent
static const int kFlagDir = 1
static const int kFlagDirNestedMountpoint = 2
static const int kFlagDirNestedRoot = 32
static const int kFlagFile = 4
static const int kFlagLink = 8
static const int kFlagFileSpecial = 16
static const int kFlagFileChunk = 64
static const int kFlagFileExternal = 128
static const int kFlagPosHash = 8
static const int kFlagPosCompression = 11
static const int kFlagDirBindMountpoint = 0x4000
static const int kFlagHidden = 0x8000
static const int kFlagDirectIo = 0x10000
- Protected Member Functions inherited from catalog::SqlDirent
unsigned CreateDatabaseFlags (const DirectoryEntry &entry) const
void StoreHashAlgorithm (const shash::Algorithms algo, unsigned *flags) const
shash::Algorithms RetrieveHashAlgorithm (const unsigned flags) const
zlib::Algorithms RetrieveCompressionAlgorithm (const unsigned flags) const
uint32_t Hardlinks2Linkcount (const uint64_t hardlinks) const
uint32_t Hardlinks2HardlinkGroup (const uint64_t hardlinks) const
uint64_t MakeHardlinks (const uint32_t hardlink_group, const uint32_t linkcount) const
void ExpandSymlink (LinkString *raw_symlink) const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from catalog::SqlCatalog
 SqlCatalog ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from sqlite::Sql
 Sql ()
bool IsInitialized () const
bool Init (const sqlite3 *database, const std::string &statement)
void DeferredInit (const sqlite3 *database, const char *statement)
bool Successful () const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 339 of file catalog_sql.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

catalog::SqlLookupInode::SqlLookupInode ( const CatalogDatabase database)

Definition at line 796 of file

Member Function Documentation

bool catalog::SqlLookupInode::BindRowId ( const uint64_t  inode)

Definition at line 802 of file

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