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shortstring.h File Reference
#include <algorithm>
#include <cstring>
#include <string>
#include "util/atomic.h"
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class  ShortString< StackSize, Type >


typedef ShortString
< kDefaultMaxPath, 0 > 
typedef ShortString
< kDefaultMaxName, 1 > 
typedef ShortString
< kDefaultMaxLink, 2 > 


PathString GetParentPath (const PathString &path)
NameString GetFileName (const PathString &path)


const unsigned char kDefaultMaxName = 25
const unsigned char kDefaultMaxLink = 25
const unsigned char kDefaultMaxPath = 200

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Definition at line 219 of file shortstring.h.

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Definition at line 217 of file shortstring.h.

Function Documentation

PathString GetParentPath ( const PathString path)

This file is part of the CernVM File System.

Some common functions.

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Referenced by publish::SyncMediator::Add(), catalog::WritableCatalog::AddEntry(), publish::SyncMediator::AddLocalHardlinkGroups(), swissknife::CommandScrub::CheckPathAndExtractHash(), catalog::WritableCatalogManager::CloneTree(), InstanceInfo::CompleteInfo(), publish::CmdEnter::CreateUnderlay(), cvmfs::cvmfs_lookup(), cvmfs::cvmfs_opendir(), expand_path(), expand_ppath(), glue::InodeTracker::FindDentry(), FindExecutable(), StatisticsDatabase::GetDBParams(), LibContext::GetExtAttr(), glue::PathStore::Insert(), catalog::CatalogDatabase::InsertInitialValues(), publish::CmdEnter::Main(), MakeShortSocketLink(), MkdirDeep(), swissknife::CommandScrub::OnFileHashed(), BashOptionsManager::ParsePath(), posix_cleanup_path(), posix_do_link(), posix_do_mkdir(), posix_do_rmdir(), posix_do_symlink(), posix_do_unlink(), posix_get_stat(), catalog::WritableCatalogManager::RemoveDirectory(), catalog::WritableCatalogManager::RemoveFile(), RemoveShortSocketLink(), anonymous_namespace{}::RemoveUnderlay(), receiver::CatalogMergeTool< RwCatalogMgr, RoCatalogMgr >::ReportAddition(), receiver::CatalogMergeTool< RwCatalogMgr, RoCatalogMgr >::ReportModification(), ResolvePath(), catalog::WritableCatalogManager::SwapNestedCatalog(), catalog::WritableCatalogManager::TouchDirectory(), publish::TransactionImpl(), and Watchdog::WaitForSupervisee().

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Variable Documentation

const unsigned char kDefaultMaxLink = 25

Definition at line 23 of file shortstring.h.

const unsigned char kDefaultMaxName = 25

This file is part of the CernVM File System.

Implements a string class that stores short strings on the stack and malloc's a std::string on the heap on overflow. Used for file names and path names that are usually small.

Definition at line 22 of file shortstring.h.

const unsigned char kDefaultMaxPath = 200

Definition at line 24 of file shortstring.h.