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async.h File Reference
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class  CallbackBase< ParamT >
class  CallbackBase< void >
class  Callback< ParamT >
class  Callback< void >
class  BoundCallback< ParamT, DelegateT >
class  BoundCallback< void, DelegateT >
class  BoundClosure< ParamT, DelegateT, ClosureDataT >
class  BoundClosure< void, DelegateT, ClosureDataT >
class  Callbackable< ParamT >


template<class DelegateT >
void ThreadProxy (DelegateT *delegate, void(DelegateT::*method)())

Function Documentation

template<class DelegateT >
void ThreadProxy ( DelegateT *  delegate,
void(DelegateT::*)()  method 

Wrapper function to bind an arbitrary this* to a method call in a C-style spawned thread function. The method called by the ThreadProxy template is meant to look like this: void foo();

Definition at line 248 of file async.h.