CernVM-FS  2.12.0
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cvmfs_global_options Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

int set_option (char const *name, char const *value)
int verify_sanity ()
 cvmfs_global_options ()

Public Attributes

std::string cache_directory
std::string cachedir
std::string alien_cachedir
std::string lock_directory
bool change_to_cache_directory
bool alien_cache
int syslog_level
int log_syslog_level
std::string log_prefix
std::string logfile
std::string log_file
int nofiles
int max_open_files
unsigned quota_limit
unsigned quota_threshold
bool rebuild_cachedb

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cvmfs_global_options::cvmfs_global_options ( )

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Member Function Documentation

int cvmfs_global_options::set_option ( char const *  name,
char const *  value 

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int cvmfs_global_options::verify_sanity ( )

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Member Data Documentation

bool cvmfs_global_options::alien_cache

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std::string cvmfs_global_options::alien_cachedir

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std::string cvmfs_global_options::cache_directory

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std::string cvmfs_global_options::cachedir

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bool cvmfs_global_options::change_to_cache_directory

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std::string cvmfs_global_options::lock_directory

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std::string cvmfs_global_options::log_file

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std::string cvmfs_global_options::log_prefix

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int cvmfs_global_options::log_syslog_level

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std::string cvmfs_global_options::logfile

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int cvmfs_global_options::max_open_files

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int cvmfs_global_options::nofiles

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unsigned cvmfs_global_options::quota_limit

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unsigned cvmfs_global_options::quota_threshold

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bool cvmfs_global_options::rebuild_cachedb

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int cvmfs_global_options::syslog_level

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