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perf::Statistics Class Reference

#include <statistics.h>


struct  CounterInfo

Public Types

enum  PrintOptions { kPrintSimple = 0, kPrintHeader }

Public Member Functions

 Statistics ()
 ~Statistics ()
StatisticsFork ()
CounterRegister (const std::string &name, const std::string &desc)
CounterLookup (const std::string &name) const
std::string LookupDesc (const std::string &name)
std::string PrintList (const PrintOptions print_options)
std::string PrintJSON ()
void SnapshotCounters (std::map< std::string, int64_t > *counters, uint64_t *timestamp_ns)

Private Member Functions

 Statistics (const Statistics &other)
Statisticsoperator= (const Statistics &other)

Private Attributes

std::map< std::string,
CounterInfo * > 
pthread_mutex_t * lock_

Detailed Description

A collection of Counter objects with a name and a description. Counters in a Statistics class have a name and a description. Thread-safe.

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Member Enumeration Documentation


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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

perf::Statistics::Statistics ( )

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perf::Statistics::~Statistics ( )

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perf::Statistics::Statistics ( const Statistics other)

Member Function Documentation

Statistics * perf::Statistics::Fork ( )

Creates a new Statistics binder which maintains the same Counters as the existing one. Changes to those counters are visible in both Statistics objects. The child can then independently add more counters. CounterInfo objects are reference counted and deleted when all the statistics objects dealing with it are destroyed.

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Referenced by MountPoint::CreateStatistics().

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string perf::Statistics::LookupDesc ( const std::string &  name)

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Statistics& perf::Statistics::operator= ( const Statistics other)
string perf::Statistics::PrintJSON ( )

Converts statistics counters into JSON string in following format { "name_major1": { "counter1": val1, "counter2": val2 }, "name_major2": { "counter3": val3 } }

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Referenced by receiver::Reactor::HandleSubmitPayload().

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string perf::Statistics::PrintList ( const PrintOptions  print_options)

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Referenced by cvmfs_statistics_format(), main(), TalkManager::MainResponder(), RunGarbageCollection(), shrinkwrap::SyncFull(), and shrinkwrap::SyncInit().

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void perf::Statistics::SnapshotCounters ( std::map< std::string, int64_t > *  counters,
uint64_t *  timestamp_ns 

Snapshot current state of the counters. Elements will either be updated or inserted into the map.

Note: This function does NOT clear previous elements part of the map.

Returns map of the updated counters and the timestamp of the snapshot.

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Referenced by perf::TelemetryAggregator::MainTelemetry().

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Member Data Documentation

std::map<std::string, CounterInfo *> perf::Statistics::counters_

Definition at line 90 of file statistics.h.

Referenced by Fork().

pthread_mutex_t* perf::Statistics::lock_

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