CernVM-FS  2.12.0
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fd_refcount_mgr.h File Reference
#include <string>
#include "cache.h"
#include "smallhash.h"
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class  FdRefcountMgr
struct  FdRefcountMgr::FdRefcountInfo


static uint32_t hasher_any (const shash::Any &key)
static uint32_t hasher_int (const int &key)

Function Documentation

static uint32_t hasher_any ( const shash::Any key)

This file is part of the CernVM File System.

Definition at line 15 of file fd_refcount_mgr.h.

static uint32_t hasher_int ( const int &  key)

Definition at line 21 of file fd_refcount_mgr.h.

Referenced by FdRefcountMgr::FdRefcountMgr().

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