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publish::SyncItemDummyCatalog Class Reference

#include <sync_item_dummy.h>

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Public Member Functions

bool IsType (const SyncItemType expected_type) const
catalog::DirectoryEntryBase CreateBasicCatalogDirent () const
IngestionSourceCreateIngestionSource () const
void StatScratch (const bool) const
SyncItemType GetScratchFiletype () const
void MakePlaceholderDirectory () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from publish::SyncItem
 SyncItem ()
virtual ~SyncItem ()
bool IsDirectory () const
bool WasDirectory () const
bool IsRegularFile () const
bool WasRegularFile () const
bool IsSymlink () const
bool WasSymlink () const
bool IsNew () const
bool IsTouched () const
bool IsCharacterDevice () const
bool IsBlockDevice () const
bool IsFifo () const
bool IsSocket () const
bool IsGraftMarker () const
bool IsExternalData () const
bool IsDirectIo () const
bool IsWhiteout () const
bool IsCatalogMarker () const
bool IsOpaqueDirectory () const
bool IsSpecialFile () const
bool WasSpecialFile () const
bool IsBundleSpec () const
bool WasBundleSpec () const
unsigned int GetRdevMajor () const
unsigned int GetRdevMinor () const
bool HasCatalogMarker () const
bool HasGraftMarker () const
bool HasCompressionAlgorithm () const
bool IsValidGraft () const
bool IsChunkedGraft () const
const FileChunkListGetGraftChunks () const
shash::Any GetContentHash () const
void SetContentHash (const shash::Any &hash)
bool HasContentHash () const
void SetExternalData (bool val)
void SetDirectIo (bool val)
zlib::Algorithms GetCompressionAlgorithm () const
void SetCompressionAlgorithm (const zlib::Algorithms &alg)
std::string GetRelativePath () const
std::string GetRdOnlyPath () const
std::string GetUnionPath () const
std::string GetScratchPath () const
void MarkAsWhiteout (const std::string &actual_filename)
void MarkAsOpaqueDirectory ()
void MaskHardlink ()
bool HasHardlinks () const
unsigned int GetRdOnlyLinkcount () const
uint64_t GetRdOnlyInode () const
unsigned int GetUnionLinkcount () const
uint64_t GetUnionInode () const
uint64_t GetScratchSize () const
uint64_t GetRdOnlySize () const
std::string filename () const
std::string relative_parent_path () const
void SetCatalogMarker ()
bool operator== (const SyncItem &other) const

Protected Member Functions

 SyncItemDummyCatalog (const std::string &relative_parent_path, const SyncUnion *union_engine)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from publish::SyncItem
 SyncItem (const std::string &relative_parent_path, const std::string &filename, const SyncUnion *union_engine, const SyncItemType entry_type)
platform_stat64 GetUnionStat () const
SyncItemType GetRdOnlyFiletype () const
SyncItemType GetUnionFiletype () const
bool WasType (const SyncItemType expected_type) const
SyncItemType GetGenericFiletype (const EntryStat &stat) const
void CheckMarkerFiles ()


class SyncUnionTarball

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from publish::SyncItem
static void StatGeneric (const std::string &path, EntryStat *info, const bool refresh)
- Protected Attributes inherited from publish::SyncItem
SyncItemType rdonly_type_
EntryStat scratch_stat_
ssize_t graft_size_
shash::Any content_hash_
SyncItemType scratch_type_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 18 of file sync_item_dummy.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

publish::SyncItemDummyCatalog::SyncItemDummyCatalog ( const std::string &  relative_parent_path,
const SyncUnion union_engine 

Definition at line 22 of file sync_item_dummy.h.

Member Function Documentation

catalog::DirectoryEntryBase publish::SyncItemDummyCatalog::CreateBasicCatalogDirent ( ) const

Generates a DirectoryEntry that can be directly stored into a catalog db. Note: this sets the inode fields to kInvalidInode as well as the link count to 1 if MaskHardlink() has been called before (cf. OverlayFS)

a DirectoryEntry structure to be written into a catalog

Implements publish::SyncItem.

Definition at line 32 of file sync_item_dummy.h.

Here is the call graph for this function:

IngestionSource* publish::SyncItemDummyCatalog::CreateIngestionSource ( ) const

Implements publish::SyncItem.

Definition at line 52 of file sync_item_dummy.h.

Here is the call graph for this function:

SyncItemType publish::SyncItemDummyCatalog::GetScratchFiletype ( ) const

Implements publish::SyncItem.

Definition at line 58 of file sync_item_dummy.h.

bool publish::SyncItemDummyCatalog::IsType ( const SyncItemType  expected_type) const

Checks if the SyncItem is the given file type (file, dir, symlink, ...) in the union file system volume. Hence: After the publish operation, the file will be this type in CVMFS.

expected_typethe file type to be checked against
true if file type matches the expected type

Implements publish::SyncItem.

Definition at line 28 of file sync_item_dummy.h.

void publish::SyncItemDummyCatalog::MakePlaceholderDirectory ( ) const

Implements publish::SyncItem.

Definition at line 60 of file sync_item_dummy.h.

void publish::SyncItemDummyCatalog::StatScratch ( const bool  ) const

Implements publish::SyncItem.

Definition at line 56 of file sync_item_dummy.h.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class SyncUnionTarball

Definition at line 19 of file sync_item_dummy.h.

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