CernVM-FS  2.12.0
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cvmfs::FuseState Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 FuseState ()

Public Attributes

unsigned version
bool cache_symlinks
bool has_dentry_expire

Detailed Description

Options related to the fuse kernel connection. The capabilities are determined only once at mount time. If the capability trigger certain behavior of the cvmfs fuse module, it needs to be re-triggered on reload. Used in SaveState and RestoreState to store the details of symlink caching.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cvmfs::FuseState::FuseState ( )

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Member Data Documentation

bool cvmfs::FuseState::cache_symlinks

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Referenced by RestoreState(), and SaveState().

bool cvmfs::FuseState::has_dentry_expire

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Referenced by RestoreState(), and SaveState().

unsigned cvmfs::FuseState::version

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