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perf::MultiRecorder Class Reference

#include <statistics.h>

Public Member Functions

void Tick ()
void TickAt (uint64_t timestamp)
uint64_t GetNoTicks (uint32_t retrospect_s) const
void AddRecorder (uint32_t resolution_s, uint32_t capacity_s)

Private Attributes

std::vector< Recorderrecorders_

Detailed Description

Writes to multiple recorders. Recorders with coarsed-grained resolution and a large capacity are combined with precise recorders with shorter capacity. Preferred recorders should be added first because GetNoTicks will use the first recorder with a capacity >= retrospect_s (or the last recorder).

Definition at line 228 of file statistics.h.

Member Function Documentation

void perf::MultiRecorder::AddRecorder ( uint32_t  resolution_s,
uint32_t  capacity_s 

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Referenced by PosixQuotaManager::PosixQuotaManager().

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uint64_t perf::MultiRecorder::GetNoTicks ( uint32_t  retrospect_s) const

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Referenced by PosixQuotaManager::MainCommandServer().

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void perf::MultiRecorder::Tick ( )

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void perf::MultiRecorder::TickAt ( uint64_t  timestamp)

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Referenced by Tick().

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Member Data Documentation

std::vector<Recorder> perf::MultiRecorder::recorders_

Definition at line 237 of file statistics.h.

Referenced by AddRecorder(), GetNoTicks(), Tick(), and TickAt().

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