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anonymous_namespace{}::Params Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

bool CheckType (const std::string &type)
bool Check ()
void Complete ()
 Params ()

Public Attributes

std::string repo_name
std::string src_type
std::string src_base_dir
std::string src_config_path
std::string src_data_dir
std::string dst_type
std::string dst_config_path
std::string dst_base_dir
std::string dst_data_dir
std::string spec_trace_path
uint64_t num_parallel
uint64_t stat_period
bool do_garbage_collection

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

anonymous_namespace{}::Params::Params ( )

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Member Function Documentation

bool anonymous_namespace{}::Params::Check ( )

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bool anonymous_namespace{}::Params::CheckType ( const std::string &  type)

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void anonymous_namespace{}::Params::Complete ( )

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Member Data Documentation

bool anonymous_namespace{}::Params::do_garbage_collection

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std::string anonymous_namespace{}::Params::dst_base_dir

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std::string anonymous_namespace{}::Params::dst_config_path

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std::string anonymous_namespace{}::Params::dst_data_dir

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std::string anonymous_namespace{}::Params::dst_type

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uint64_t anonymous_namespace{}::Params::num_parallel

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std::string anonymous_namespace{}::Params::repo_name

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std::string anonymous_namespace{}::Params::spec_trace_path

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std::string anonymous_namespace{}::Params::src_base_dir

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std::string anonymous_namespace{}::Params::src_config_path

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std::string anonymous_namespace{}::Params::src_data_dir

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std::string anonymous_namespace{}::Params::src_type

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uint64_t anonymous_namespace{}::Params::stat_period

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