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swissknife::anonymous_namespace{}::ChunkJob Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 ChunkJob ()
 ChunkJob (const shash::Any &hash, zlib::Algorithms compression_alg)
bool IsTerminateJob () const
shash::Any hash () const

Public Attributes

const shash::Suffix suffix
const shash::Algorithms hash_algorithm
const zlib::Algorithms compression_alg
unsigned char digest [shash::kMaxDigestSize]

Detailed Description

This just stores an shash::Any in a predictable way to send it through a POSIX pipe.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

swissknife::anonymous_namespace{}::ChunkJob::ChunkJob ( )

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swissknife::anonymous_namespace{}::ChunkJob::ChunkJob ( const shash::Any hash,
zlib::Algorithms  compression_alg 

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Member Function Documentation

shash::Any swissknife::anonymous_namespace{}::ChunkJob::hash ( ) const

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bool swissknife::anonymous_namespace{}::ChunkJob::IsTerminateJob ( ) const

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Member Data Documentation

const zlib::Algorithms swissknife::anonymous_namespace{}::ChunkJob::compression_alg

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unsigned char swissknife::anonymous_namespace{}::ChunkJob::digest[shash::kMaxDigestSize]

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const shash::Algorithms swissknife::anonymous_namespace{}::ChunkJob::hash_algorithm

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const shash::Suffix swissknife::anonymous_namespace{}::ChunkJob::suffix

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