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FdTable< HandleT > Member List

This is the complete list of members for FdTable< HandleT >, including all inherited members.

AssignFrom(const FdTable< HandleT > &other)FdTable< HandleT >inline
Clone()FdTable< HandleT >inline
CloseFd(int fd)FdTable< HandleT >inline
fd_index_FdTable< HandleT >private
fd_pivot_FdTable< HandleT >private
FdTable(unsigned max_open_fds, const HandleT &invalid_handle)FdTable< HandleT >inline
GetHandle(int fd)FdTable< HandleT >inline
GetMaxFds() const FdTable< HandleT >inline
invalid_handle_FdTable< HandleT >private
IsValid(int fd)FdTable< HandleT >inlineprivate
open_fds_FdTable< HandleT >private
OpenFd(const HandleT &handle)FdTable< HandleT >inline