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SharedPtr< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for SharedPtr< T >, including all inherited members.

count_SharedPtr< T >private
element_type typedefSharedPtr< T >
Get() const SharedPtr< T >inline
operator*() const SharedPtr< T >inline
operator->() const SharedPtr< T >inline
operator=(SharedPtr const &r)SharedPtr< T >inline
operator=(SharedPtr< Y > const &r)SharedPtr< T >inline
Reset()SharedPtr< T >inline
Reset(Y *p)SharedPtr< T >inline
SharedPtr()SharedPtr< T >inline
SharedPtr(Y *p)SharedPtr< T >inlineexplicit
SharedPtr(SharedPtr const &r)SharedPtr< T >inline
SharedPtr(SharedPtr< Y > const &r)SharedPtr< T >inlineexplicit
Unique() const SharedPtr< T >inline
UseCount() const SharedPtr< T >inline
value_SharedPtr< T >private
~SharedPtr()SharedPtr< T >inline