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BigVector< Item > Member List

This is the complete list of members for BigVector< Item >, including all inherited members.

Alloc(const size_t num_elements)BigVector< Item >inlineprivate
At(const size_t index) const BigVector< Item >inline
AtPtr(const size_t index) const BigVector< Item >inline
BigVector()BigVector< Item >inline
BigVector(const size_t num_items)BigVector< Item >inlineexplicit
BigVector(const BigVector< Item > &other)BigVector< Item >inline
buffer_BigVector< Item >private
capacity() const BigVector< Item >inline
capacity_BigVector< Item >private
Clear()BigVector< Item >inline
CopyFrom(const BigVector< Item > &other)BigVector< Item >inlineprivate
Dealloc()BigVector< Item >inlineprivate
DoubleCapacity()BigVector< Item >inline
FreeBuffer(Item *buf, const size_t size, const bool large)BigVector< Item >inlineprivate
IsEmpty() const BigVector< Item >inline
kMmapThresholdBigVector< Item >privatestatic
kNumInitBigVector< Item >privatestatic
large_alloc_BigVector< Item >private
operator=(const BigVector< Item > &other)BigVector< Item >inline
PushBack(const Item &item)BigVector< Item >inline
Replace(size_t index, const Item &item)BigVector< Item >inline
SetSize(const size_t new_size)BigVector< Item >inline
ShareBuffer(Item **duplicate, bool *large_alloc)BigVector< Item >inline
shared_buffer_BigVector< Item >private
ShrinkIfOversized()BigVector< Item >inline
size() const BigVector< Item >inline
size_BigVector< Item >private
~BigVector()BigVector< Item >inline